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  • Imparting Education for Needy People:-

“PAKHI SAMAJIK SEWA SANSTHA” believes in education for all.spare-the-children-give-the-vaccine

The community people who belongs to weaker section and unable to provide even basic education to their children . Our sanstha runs awareness programs at regular interval to educate these children and parents of different states of India.

During month of April & May 2012, one such orientation done at Jaun Pur Dehat Distt. of Uttar Pradesh having population of majority uneducated inhabitants

  • E-Learing Camp:-

““PAKHI SAMAJIK SEWA SANSTHA”” imparts the computer education too.

The community people who are very poor or are having other problem cannot study using new tech based learning module our organization try to initiate E-education for theme.

The organization has been managed to host E- education camp to such students at Mahoba Distt, in October, 2012.

  • National Integration Camp

To remind the days of pre-independence and to arouse the feelings of patriotism.The Society hosted various programs in Jan. 2013 in Mabana Distt. of UP. A debate on “Need for Integration” was arranged by the SOCIETY. Hundreds of local people participated in the program and at the end of the program the prizes distributed.

  • Pollution and Environmental Awareness Camp

We had hosted a cycle rally in Sikar distt. of Haryana in October 2012 to make aware society against  pollution, health hazard and its impact on human, under environment and pollution awareness initiatives.

  • Free Eye Check-Up Camps –

Our Sanstha run programs in Villages in U.P in the month of December, 2012 for Eye Check up and health checkup program to help poor people and provide medical help  and aware about the eye care and health care techniques specially by ENT specialist.

  • Street Children Awareness camp

“PAKHI SAMAJIK SEWA SANSTHA” has arranged a Seminar for the awareness of the Street Children, on the burning issues Phulwari Village of Ludhiyana, Punjab in April 2012. On the topic evil of early child marriage and sexual harassment on the working children’s, etc

  • Women self Defence Camp

“PAKHI SAMAJIK SEWA SANSTHA” in September, 2012 had arranged a women Self Defense camp in a government girl’s school of JJ Colony, Dallupra village of Delhi and Mita Pur village of  Delhi with the help of BSF Battalions.

  • Tree plantation

We are arranged various programs in Rajasthan in June and July 2012 on social forestry, cultivation of medicinal plants etc. for the sustenance of the rural area. In these programs we are given knowledge about plants and their medicinal uses, importance of plants in pollution control and prevention of global warming. Peoples are now growing medicinal plants in their farms and are earning more than earlier.

Future Plan

We have a plan to open counseling center and spread the awareness in school, slum area etc. about:-

  1. Advance E-computer education.
  2. Vocational Training courses.
  3. Employment Generation Courses.
  4. Health Awareness Program.
  5. Environment Protection Program.